Bishop Nehru And MF Doom’s ‘Rooftops’ Video Offers A Jazzy View From The Heights Of The Rap Game

Bishop Nehru delivers the performance of a lifetime in the first video from his upcoming MF Doom and Kaytranada-produced album, Elevators: Act I & II. In “Rooftops,” directed by Ramez “Mezzy” Silyan, the 21-year-old New York rapper takes a freight elevator to the top of a local building to see the sights and rap like his life depended on it over a jazzy horn loop.

As he gazes over the psychedelic, urban landscape, Bishop ponders his recent come up in the rap game, and gets deep about “making songs that spark thought and change better men.” As he says in the press release for “Rooftops”: “‘Rooftops’ symbolizes the fall of the Titans and how they must rise back into their own powers. They must realize that the ‘gods’ have used their own power against them to reclaim their spot. Like the Titans, we must mentally, and more importantly, spiritually reclaim our power.”

Elevators is due for independent release March 16th. The project will consist entirely of Kaytranada and Doom-produced beats and be split into two “acts” representing ascension and free-falling. The collaborative project will be the young upstart’s second alongside mentor Doom, while it is also Kaytranada’s second collaborative tape after 2017’s Ocean & Montana with young Compton rapper Buddy.