The Black Keys Announced Their New Album With The Help Of Mike Tyson And A Surreal Infomercial

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03.23.14 4 Comments

Straight from the pit that David Lynch calls a mind comes this announcement from The Black Keys for their newest album, Turn Blue. There’s no Lynch involvement officially, but it is hard to deny there is some influence within this strange video announcement about the bands newest project. Better yet, the entire thing was announced through a tweet from former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

The band is no stranger to using creative tactics and social media to promote their work, be going viral to promote El Camino or full grindhouse in the video for “Howlin’ For You.”

I don’t know where to express my excitement correctly at this point, so all I can do is nod in agreement and lie on the floor for a few hours. Someone mind getting me a drink and putting on some Foghat?

(Via Turn Blue / Mike Tyson)

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