Blake Shelton Responds To The Tabloid Rumor That He Got Gwen Stefani Pregnant

The highly reputable news source OK! Magazine recently ran a story that The Voice‘s Blake Shelton had gotten his co-star and new girlfriend Gwen Stefani pregnant. It’s a juicy little rumor because the two team leaders on the show announced their respective divorces about a month apart earlier this year and then just went public about their romantic relationship. But tabloids being tabloids, these stories — grabby and intriguing as they may be — are usually false. Or at least they’re not ready for prime time.

One person who did find this whole thing pretty funny was one half of the people who would know for sure if this story is true (at least one would hope) is Shelton, and in response to the rumors, he felt compelled to make a few jokes on Twitter:

Yeah, so, you can probably file this latest celebrity pregnancy rumor under “false.” Unless Shelton is withholding sensitive information, which is entirely possible, but for the sake of argument, it’s probably unlikely. Stefani just had her third child with soon-to-be-ex-husband Gavin Rossdale last year, so while a Voice baby would be a ratings hurricane for NBC, it’s probably just some spicy celebrity fan fiction.

This story, however, would be truly groundbreaking and Shelton would agree:

(via Entertainment Tonight)

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