Blink-182 Recreate The Naked ‘What’s My Age Again?’ Music Video, This Time With Women

My introduction to Blink-182 was seeing them naked.

Enema of the State and the juvenile classic “What’s My Age Again?” are the pop-punk band’s third album and sixth single respectively, but they were the first time Blink made a splash on a national level. Much of that success came from the music video for “Age,” which quickly turned into an MTV — and specifically, TRL — staple. (Mark Hoppus even played the song in the nude during MTV Spring Break, which is everything you need to know about the early 2000s.)

The video was a blessing and a curse: Blink became a household name, but Hoppus called it “our nemesis. Everybody always asks us to drop our pants again and if we’re going to perform naked again or what. It’s really bothersome, you know.” (He also said, “I realized how unattractive male genitals are, everything dangling and such.” That sentence is my nemesis.)

Seventeen years later, Blink-182 decided to remake the video, but with a gender-flipped twist. Instead of Mark, Tom, and Travis running around with their “dangling” genitals going this way and that, it’s now three women, social media stars Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta, who are out for a naked stroll. And they — along with Workaholics‘ Adam Devine as a nurse (he replaces adult actress Janine Lindemulder) — are running to “She’s Out of Her Mind,” the latest single from the Tom DeLonge-less album, California.

It’s nice to know that Blink-182 still never wanna act their age.

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