BloodPop®’s Remix Of Grimes’ ‘We Appreciate Power’ Makes Our Robot Overlords Dance

We appreciate collabs. Super-producer and DJ BloodPop® has released a remix of Grimes and HANA’s fantastic 2018 single “We Appreciate Power.” A weirdo goth-pop ode to the gravitas of our robot overlords, the original “We Appreciate Power” has become kind of a surprise club hit. BloodPop® even further brings out the song’s danceable DNA with this killer remix.

Known for his work with artists like Justin Bieber, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, BloodPop® has a signature polished dance-pop sound. His remix of “We Appreciate Power” certainly fits in well with his other work — he didn’t work on Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” but one breakdown partway through the song almost sounds a little bit like “Bad Romance.”

BloodPop®’s “We Appreciate Power” has some hypnotic, almost video game music-esque moments toward the beginning. The visuals for the song wink at this sound, putting two technicolor avatars of elf-devil-humanoids (Grimes and HANA, perhaps?) alongside a cute little chao that looks like the ones in Sonic games.

Too many remixes barely rework the song, or just add a layer of exhausting electronic production on a song that didn’t have or need it in the first place, but BloodPop®’s remix of “We Appreciate Power” is fresh, offering another way to appreciate the power of the original.

Listen to BloodPop®’s remix of “We Appreciate Power” above.