Blur And Fred Armisen Joined Forces For A Performance Of ‘Parklife’

Britpop legends Blur are playing two shows in the United States in support of their new album, The Magic Whip. Not ones to mess around, Blur’s two shows are at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and Madison Square Garden in New York. These days, it seems like no iconic musical act can take the stage without inviting some sort of celebrity to join them, and Damon Albarn and company are no different. At Tuesday’s show at the Hollywood Bowl, they brought out Fred Armisen to help out with their hit song “Parklife.”

Armisen is, of course, famous for being on Saturday Night Live for several years and for his cultishly adored sketch show with Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia. However, he’s also been the leader/curator of Seth Meyers’ late night band, and has incorporated music into his comedy for years. Also, he seems to be friends with J Mascis. Basically, if a celebrity was going to be brought on stage by Blur, it’s not surprising that it was Armisen.

There may or may not be a celebrity joining them at Madison Square Garden. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Albarn said that he wanted Mike Myers to take the stage with them in the guise of Austin Powers, but Myers “couldn’t do it.” That’s an odd choice, but Blur is a British band who may pine for the glory days of the ‘90s, so perhaps it makes sense.

(Via Pitchfork)