An Insane 36-CD Bob Dylan Box Set Is Being Released This Fall

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Bob Dylan is a prolific musician. Over the course of his decades long career, he has released an abundance of material. However, his output is about to get a lot more massive thanks to a new box set of live recordings. How does one release greatly increase an artist’s output? When it is a completely insane 36-CD box set.

This new Dylan box set is called The 1966 Live Recordings. As the title suggests, the set is made up entirely of recordings of Dylan concerts in 1966. The recordings took place all over the world, but primarily in the United Kingdom. Through a collection of soundboard recordings, CBS Records mobile recordings, and good old-fashioned audience tapes, a new box set of largely unreleased material has been put together for the Dylan obsessives out there. It is one of the more impressive, at least in terms of size, box sets you are going to find.

If that’s too much for you, a double-LP/double CD will also be released featuring the first of Dylan’s concerts at Royal Albert Hall in Manchester. This album, entitled The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert, is being released as a correction to an official 1998 bootleg that identified a different Manchester show as having taken place at the Royal Albert Hall.

So if you want to hear a whole bunch of Blonde on Blonde era Bob Dylan, now you have an opportunity to hear about as much of him as you possibly can in your lifetime. The 36-CD set comes out Nov. 11.

(Via Rolling Stone)