Bob Dylan Reveals A Sprawling New ‘Blood On The Tracks’ Outtake Box Set

Capitol Records

Bob Dylan has done a better job than most legacy artists of burnishing his already immense legacy and reputation over the years by releasing a steady stream of supplemental, archival box sets that reveal new and different viewpoints on some of his greatest and even most maligned works. The latest installment of his so-called Bootleg Series culls together a collection of outtakes from what many consider to be his peak artistic achievement at all, the 1975 album Blood On The Tracks.

Dubbed More Blood, More Tracks, in its largest form, the new set is made up of six CDs worth of outtakes from sessions Dylan recorded at A&R Studios in New York City over a four day span. He later re-worked some of the songs that made it onto the finished product of Blood On The Tracks in Minneapolis, but apparently the outtakes from those later dates have been lost to history.

Today, to give the serious Dylan heads a sneak peek of what they’re in for, the singer’s label has shared Take One of the song “If You See Her, Say Hello.”

More Blood, More Tracks is set to drop on November 2 via Capitol Records. You can pre-order your copy here,

Capitol Records