Electro-Soul Duo Bodacious Thang Share Their Tips For Surviving Festival Season On ‘Artist Pass’

“If you’re okay with not showering for like, three or four days, and using the porta potty, you good,” said Luis Munoz of LA-based duo Bodacious Thang, and these two veteran musicians and festival-goers would know. The electric-soul duo, comprised of Munoz and Cheyenne Jolene, have performed at festivals across the country from Coachella to Starry Nights, seeing the best and worst sides of any festival.

Seasoned in the art of touring, Bodacious Thang sat down with Uproxx for our new Artist Pass series to share their behind-the-scenes tips for a solid festival season. Their first rule for newbies is simple: Do a little research. The great outdoors isn’t for everyone, and many festivals cater to a specific genre, so it’s important to pick so it’s important for any newbie to pick a festival with a lineup they’ll enjoy and a location they can handle.

While on tour, Jolene’s soulful trill can be heard on songs like “Cocaine Slaves,” that anchors heavy lyrics to a flawless funk riff. She admits that she didn’t drink enough water the first time she went performed at Coachella, which is why hydration is also one of her tips.

“Don’t go too hard… on the first day at least,” Jolene laughs. Check out the video above to see the complete list of what to bring to the next festival — and what to leave at home.