Watch An Entire New York Subway Platform Lose Its Mind To ‘Bodak Yellow’

It’s been a few months since the peak of “Bodak Yellow’s” success, but don’t tell that to New Yorkers. Yesterday, footage dropped of New Yorkers dancing to the catchy bop on the MTA train system. The way some people were going in, you’d think Funkmaster Flex had just premiered it. The clip showed people of all ages and demographics dancing to the record. There were people giving slight head nods – and others who were going all out like they were performing for a deal.

Cardi B’s rise and “Bodak Yellow’s” success is a continued testament to how much being likable and fostering a connection can work for an artist. The record went number one in part because of a groundswell of fans who advocated for it — for her. She went from a woman we loved to laugh at on snapchat to a legitimate mainstream star. Through her ascension, she’s been forthright about her feeling like she’s dreaming with her eyes open, which is refreshing. She was able to parlay her charisma into support for her career, and perfectly delivered with a triumphant song her fans could rap – and impede traffic – to. Her circumstance is pretty much what MTV and Diddy were trying to put together with their Making The Band seasons back in the day, but it never connected like this.

That’s why the people in this video don’t seem like they’re merely vibing with a song they like, every bar they spit is in support of a fellow New Yorker they feel like they know. It’s like everyone is watching one of their cousins live their dreams and are supporting her very step of the way, turning up like her life depended on it. Cardi B created something special with her fans this year, and this was a great example.