Producer Boi-1da Says The Festering Belief That Drake Uses Ghostwriters Is ‘Just Not True’

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Drake has mostly moved on from the damaging rumors that he uses ghostwriters. Reference tracks from upcoming artist Quentin Miller were exposed in 2015 in the midst of his feud with Meek Mill, but the information didn’t severely hinder his career. The “Nice For What” artist gave The Fader a “music can be a collaborative process” explanation in 2015, and kept dishing out well-regarded music. After two successful projects and a third one likely on the way, it’s safe to say Drake’s record-breaking amount of listeners don’t care who’s writing the lyrics. Just for clarification’s sake, however, one of Drake’s longtime collaborators has come to his defense once again.

Frequent collaborator Boi-1da spoke with the Rap Radar podcast and set the record straight from his perspective, saying the following:

“I think Drake is literally one of the greatest songwriters of all time, and he writes his own songs. And for someone to try and discredit somebody who I’ve literally seen write songs like he’s writing an essay, it bothers me because I’m close to it. I know he writes his own songs.”

He clarified that Drake and Quentin Miller “collaborated on some songs,” but the “fake narrative of Drake writing in sweatshops [is] just not true.” OVO artists Majin Jordan delved into the OVO creative camp they were in, complete with tents, but they didn’t clandestinely ghostwrite for Drake. They were credited for their contributions on songs like “Hold On.”