Boiler Room Is Building A Virtual Reality Venue


Boiler Room has made a name for itself by recording performances by big names and up-and-comers across the world. It’s even occasionally done it new and innovative ways. But where do you go once you’ve already captured a Jamie XX set with a guest appearances by Young Thug? When you’ve already turned a Run The Jewels show into a 360-degree experience? Well, apparently they have the answer. The Boiler Room is going full William Gibson and creating a virtual reality music venue.

Boiler Room is teaming up with VR production company Inception to create a venue built specifically to record their VR sets.

“We’ve always been driven by using technology to showcase the music we care about and give fans all around the world an authentic experience of the events and scenes they can’t be part of in person.” said Boiler Room Founder Blaise Bellville in a press release. “Building the first ever music venue born for VR is a big evolution of that, creating immersive online experiences that bring people even closer to what it’s like being at a sweaty rave or an amazing concert half-way across the world.”

The venue will open sometime in early 2017, with VR sets soon to follow. You can jack in to the sets via Inception apps.

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