Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Narrated A UFO Documentary Trailer Because Of Course He Did

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver is always popping up in the strangest places. Kanye West albums, music videos for regional rap stars, a choir inside a fax machine that’s been launched into orbit, you name it. So, we really shouldn’t be surprised to hear his voice narrating the trailer for an upcoming documentary on a small town and its UFO obsession.

The 22, A Million singer gives the “In A World…” treatment to The Dundee Project, the latest film from Mark Borchardt. That sound you hear is the subset of Bon Iver fans who are also cult movie or documentary obsessives squealing. Borchardt is the focus of the delightfully ragged and small-town documentary American Movie, itself chronicling Borchardt’s attempts to make a horror movie called Coven on a budget of approximately zero dollars.

In between bits of narration from Vernon, it’s clear that Mark has learned a few tricks of his own from watching the most famous work he’s ever been involved in. The clips from the film are exactly as shaggy as people looking for a spiritual successor to American Movie might hope. Basically, we’re getting Vernon, FL with UFOs. It’s no wonder Vernon felt a need to be a part of this.