Bon Jovi Walked A Fan Down The Aisle At The Graceland Wedding Chapel In Vegas

Bon Jovi superfan Branka Delic really wanted Jon Bon Jovi to walk her down the aisle. So she created a website: Now here’s the crazy part: it worked!

Reports Today:

Delic’s web page plea indicated that the 34-year-old had given up on her childhood dream of actually marrying Bon Jovi himself, but ended, “We’re begging you … make this wedding happen. There is plenty of time in the afternoon for you to come and walk her down the aisle before the show. We’re living on a prayer and we want you to come lay your hands on me and walk me down the aisle!”

The chapel has particular significance for Bon Jovi: It was where he got married in 1989.

Still, Delic had no idea he was going to show up to fulfill her dream on the day of the wedding; Bon Jovi surprised her with his appearance. He posed for some pictures with the grinning bride, then did what he had been asked to do.

Choose the 80s rock stars you want to walk you down the aisle carefully, kids. Axl Rose would’ve never shown up for the ceremony.

(Pic via Bon Jovi’s Twitter)