This Band Called Bonglord Will Fill The Void Black Sabbath Left In Your Heart

03.27.17 2 years ago

Bonglord was a lore that floated around my group of friends for a while before the project saw the light of day. The doom metal project is the brainchild of my good friend Jack Kim, a South Korean native whose love for metal began with a high school obsession with some classic heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest before transitioning to an undying love for Black Sabbath after reading an interview with the frontman of Canadian metal band Anvil, where he claimed that Black Sabbath’s Master Of Reality was the heaviest album he had ever heard.

The majority of Bonglord’s music was written during Kim’s mandatory service in the Korean Army. With no access to recording technology, he had to commit the riffs and structures to memory until he was able to return to school at the University of Michigan and record the tracks in the schools state-of-the-art recording studio with producers/engineers/friends Maya Chun — who plays guitar on the EP and provides an instant reminder as to the power of a guitar solo — and Mac Porter. The result is a self-titled four track EP mastered by Chris Fielding of Conan fame that will honestly blow minds.

Check out the EP in full, along with a quote from Kim about its creation during his time in the Korean Army, below.

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