Bonobo’s Surreal ‘Break Apart’ Video Is Like A Trip To Another World

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Listening to Bonobo has always been a bit of an otherwordly experience. Simon Green’s fractured and trippy take on music sounds a bit like our (as in Earth’s) music being recreated by someone from somewhere else. And his latest video for “Break Apart” is no different.

What is different about the slow-burning, Rhye-featuring turn is that it makes its outer space connection explicit, courtesy of a video full of slow pans across landscapes that look alien. The Neil Krug-directed clip is the perfect companion piece to the song, taking the viewer away just at the point in the year when we all need it.

Though the clip looks alien, Green says that all of the shots come from an area “close to where I now live.” It was shot via drone, hence the skyward vantage.

“Part of the writing process was to drive up to these places and live with the tracks as I was making them,” he said in a press release. “This was a new part of the world to me, where the landscape is quite alien and Martian.

“Break Apart” is the second single off of Bonobo’s upcoming Migration LP. Green debuted it by slotting it into Spotify’s “New Indie Mix” playlist this morning, making Green the first person to ever premiere a track via one of the streaming giant’s playlist. It follows “Kerala,” a steadily advancing jittery mess of a video that’s just as likely to make you think as give you a Boomerang-induced headache. Check that out below:

Migration is due out on Ninja Tune on 1/13 next year. Pre-order it here.

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