Boogie’s Melancholy ‘Skydive’ Video Is An Unrequited Teenage Love Story

Compton rapper Boogie is back with his latest video from his debut album, Everything Is For Sale, telling a melancholy tale of unrequited teenage love with a touch of magical realism. With credits that read “All concepts by Boogie & Gina Gammell,” Boogie’s “Skydive” video reflects how the cycle of looking for love is passed down from one generation to the next, even if the younger one isn’t quite sure just what love means yet.

The video borrows a portion of its plot from Boogie’s Everything Is For Sale short film and opens with a romantic scene of Boogie and his paramour exchanging an affectionate kiss, the power of which causes them both to levitate in their tiny bedroom. They’re spied by a young boy, who runs off to find his own version of this apparently transcendent experience. While he bumps into a little girl at the donut shop and imagines what a kiss with her would be like, they only exchange eye contact, leaving him to wonder at the missed connection.

Love and relationships have been a staple of Boogie’s music since the beginning, as he works out his emotions over being rejected and self-sabotaging his own love affairs with knuckleheaded behavior and a wandering eye. “Skydive” is just his latest example of how our experiences shape us and inform our own journeys based on the roles modeled for us by our elders — both good and bad.