Boosie Wants A Word With Jay-Z Over That ‘Story Of O.J.’ Diss About Rappers Flexing With Stacks Of Cash

Jay-Z’s word is law for many of his fans, but Boosie has a message for him: “your words don’t move me.” Mr. Ratchet took to Instagram Live to call out the “aggravated d*ckriders” who he feels blindly follow every trend Jay-Z sets. While Boosie stayed respectful of Mr. Carter, he felt compelled to let his fans know Jay’s ingenious “ya’ll on the ‘Gram holdin’ money to your ear / there’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here” wordplay on 4:44’s “The Story of OJ” won’t affect how he chooses to flex.

“In Louisiana, that’s just a trend,” he said of the practice of putting dollar stacks to your ear and pretending it’s “money on the line.” The thing is, that’s not just a southern trend. A recently posted meme showed everyone from Toronto’s Drake to Philly’s Meek Mill playing the gag. The first entertainers who most people saw doing the trick were Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent, two guys from up North who are actually filthy rich.

Boosie’s defense that (some) “people don’t got bank accounts” in Louisiana shows that he may have missed Jay-Z’s message on “The Story of OJ,” which was in part a call for people doing it for the ‘Gram to realize they should be doing it for true financial freedom. As motivational as Boosie’s “chase a bag,” video was, it seems like they should be on the same page.

But despite Jay-Z’s powerful message, Boosie isn’t trying to hear it. Perhaps his anti-Jay-Z sentiment could be based on Live Nation withholding a new Galaxy $20K from him. In another IG live session he called out Live Nation, who partners with Jay’s Roc Nation, for not paying him 20 racks cash for a show he was set to do in Riverside, California, threatening to “sue the f*ck” out of the company.