Watch As Bow Wow Was Forced To View His Cringeworthy Grammys Flub For The First Time

One of the most embarrassing moments of the 2016 Grammys came before the actual ceremony started. And noted karaoke fanatic/occasional late-night host James Corden forced the man at the center of it to relive it on the Late Late Show. Bow Wow — sorry, Shad Moss — was hosting the pre-show festivities when a bit of bad timing forced him to throw away to the opening of the ceremony three separate times. Each time was more awkward than the last, with Moss enthusiastically dropping segues only to be left standing with the cameras still on him. Mercifully, Corden played the abridged version to keep Moss from squirming too much.

As Moss explains it, the whole incident was the fault of some impractical shoes.

“We had to actually get carted down to the Staples Center…Nancy [O’Dell] gets up, she has her heels and she’s running. Of course, I get to my spot on time. Because she has these heels on it’s delaying everything. I’m inside the Staples Center getting ready to toss the show to LL [Cool J], it’s like 5,4,3,2, Go! And as I’m saying go they are like ‘stretch it!’ “

Moss said he refused to allow dead air on the broadcast, pushing him to improvise for a painful minute and a half. After the story, Corden gives Moss the chance to redeem himself with predictable late-show bit results. Check it out up top.