Boygenius Show Off Chemistry And Songwriting During Their Tiny Desk Performance

Before coming together as Boygenius, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker were all established as talented performers in their own right, and all of them has previously given intimate NPR Tiny Desk performances individually. Now that the trio has released their excellent debut EP, the three have returned for another Tiny Desk performance, this time as a group.

Boygenius only has six songs in their repertoire (excluding their solo material), and they played half of them for this performance. They started with “Souvenir,” for which Bridgers played acoustic guitar, Baker wielded a mandolin, and all three swapped off on lead vocals. From there, the three bantered and told jokes while preparing to perform “Me & My Dog” and “Ketchum, ID,” which served as a further example of something that didn’t need more proving: The three are great friends, which makes for a strong chemistry, both in their between-song chatter and their actual performances. The group also has no clear leader, meaning that none of the immense talent at the trio’s disposal is squandered, and each of them are able to be at their best.

Watch Boygenius’s Tiny Desk performance above, and read our interview with the group here. Also check out our individual conversations with Bridgers and Dacus, and listen to the Celebration Rock podcast episode with Baker.

Boygenius is out now via Matador. Get it here.