Even Boyz II Men Were Floored By This Doctor’s Amazing ‘On Bended Knee’ Cover

One of the reasons I hate going to the doctor’s office is the ridiculous wait time. A 10:00 am appointment is merely a suggestion and by no means set in stone. While sucking my teeth with the attitude of a West Indian woman, I often wonder what could possibly be holding my doctor up that he has me sitting here for 45 minutes already like I don’t have anything better to do? Well, now I know. He’s in the back singing for his life.

Dr. Brandon Rogers is flooring listeners worldwide with his incredible voice. The talented doc posted a one-minute cover of Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee” so earth-shattering that it grabbed the attention of the foursome-turned-trio, and even they think the good doc is the real deal. So much so that they reposted the clip on their official Instagram page and are now contemplating bringing Dr. Rogers to one of their Las Vegas shows to perform.

Hopefully, Dr. Rogers gets a record deal and ends up being the music star he was meant to be instead of doing something stupid like “saving lives” and “changing the world one patient at a time” or whatever doctors say. Way too talented to be wasting it away on social media.

Here’s another clip of Dr. Rogers crushing Dru Hill’s “These Are The Times.”