Carrie Underwood And Brad Paisley Roasted This Endless Election Cycle In Their CMA Opener

If you’ve watched any recent country music award show, you know that Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are a pretty dynamic hosting duo. They brought their dog and pony show to this year’s Country Music Awards on Wednesday evening, and once again they did not disappoint. Before everyone lost their minds about the incredible performance from Beyoncé and The Dixie Chicks, Paisley and Underwood opened the show with a few lighthearted jabs at the current mess of an election. While the country music scene is notoriously conservative, Donald Trump was not spared from their jokey ire.

After bringing out a host of props in a “basket of deplorables,” Paisley claimed that the show was rigged, called out Underwood as a “nasty woman,” and threw out Trump’s personal favorite word (?), “bigly.” However, Hillary didn’t escape unscathed either, with Underwood quipping “Don’t drink that during the show or you’re going to have to take a Wiki-leak.” There was also a deeply weird moment with some Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Barbie dolls, but these two managed to make it more charming than creepy.

As the election nears, we’re all experiencing more than our fair share of election fatigue. If two beautiful and talented people can make us forget for seven brief minutes, we’ll take it.

To see this and the rest of the CMA Awards, check it out on the ABC app and On Demand here.