Jesse Lacey Announced That Brand New Will Only Exist For ‘About 14 More Months’

Getty Image

Those that have been following Brand New since before the surprise release of their latest album Science Fiction know that the band has been hinting at their end for some time now, constantly discussing their demise and even releasing merch on their Fall 2016 tour that read “Brand New 2000-2018.” However, those that might have been holding out hope that the success of Science Fiction may indicate a second wind for the beloved band will be disappointed to hear that Jesse Lacey set a timeline for the remainder of Brand New’s existence during a show earlier this week.

Right smack in the middle of their epic headlining tour with Nada Surf, Lacey made a statement from the stage just before the band launched into “Same Logic/Teeth” showing his gratitude for those in attendance, especially given that he might not ever take the stage again. “We’re Brand New and we’re gonna be a band for about fourteen more months,” he said. “So thank you so much for being here tonight.” Check out a video of the confirmation below, and clips of Brand New debuting Science Fiction tracks live here.

With any luck, Brand New will take one more victory lap before calling it quits in 2018. But in the case that they don’t, pick up tickets for the remaining tour dates here.