Brand New Return With Their Latest Track, ‘I Am A Nightmare’

After multiple reports and rumors of a new song from mysterious emo gods Brand New coming out on Friday, they surprise us and have released the track a few days early. Brand New’s latest song, “I Am a Nightmare,” is the first song from the group since 2015’s surprise single “Mene.”

Not long after a preview of the song popped up on Amazon, it was released in full on the YouTube page for Procrastinate! You Traitors, the group’s label. “I Am a Nightmare” will have a physical 12″ vinyl release scheduled for late June of this year, but no word yet on if this latest song is part of the rumored upcoming album from the group. The quartet sent out an email via their label back in January confirming that they are in fact recording their fifth studio album with hopes of a 2016 release on an “unconfirmed format.”

Brand New’s last album, Daisy, was released in 2009 and it seems like there is always a new rumor every few months of a follow up. Now, with two new songs and an upcoming co-headlining tour with Modest Mouse, it seems like a new album from the group is not that far off after all.