Check Out The Retro, One-Woman Dance Party In Brandon Flowers’ ‘Lonely Town’ Video

There are few things sweeter than the sight of an empty house. Your family or roommates have cleared out, and for just a moment, you feel like you can do whatever you please. Scratch yourself, not clean up the huge mess you made in the kitchen or, in the case of Brandon Flowers‘ new video, “Lonely Town,” crank up your Walkman and go HAM.

In the latest single from his forthcoming sophomore album The Desired Effect, Flowers sings about missing someone, juxtaposed with a young, retro woman who doesn’t seem too bothered by being alone. While Brandon gets introspective and reflective lyrically, our girl in the video probably has the right idea. Well, save for putting a flammable piece of ruled paper in the microwave. That could make this the saddest dance party of all-time and give the name “The Killers” a disturbingly different meaning.

(Via YouTube)