BREAKING: Cops Raid Justin Bieber’s House After Vicious Egg Attack On Neighbor

Today brings new developments in the Justin Bieber egging caper. Specifically, cops have raided the sniveling little dickhead’s home in search of evidence, presumably broken egg shell fragments, yolk-y shoe tracks, fingerprints on empty egg cartons, etc.

Reports TMZ:

Eleven L.A. County Sheriff’s patrol cars descended on Justin Bieber’s house this morning and they are executing a search warrant in connection with the egg-throwing incident … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources tell us … deputies are looking for any evidence that links Bieber to the egg assault on his next door neighbor.

We’re told this is a FELONY search warrant — meaning Justin is under a microscope for a crime that could land him in prison.

Sources say cops will look for anything that is relevant to the egg incident, including other eggs in the house and possible video. Sheriff’s deputies have looked at TMZ’s video of the incident and believe Justin has surveillance video that might have captured the egging.

Normally, I’d have an issue with public resources being used to investigate such a petty crime so extensively but this does involve the staggering bag of douche in the photo below, after all.

Godspeed to the detectives working the case. Justin Bieber must be stopped.

(Lead image via Shutterstock. 2nd photo via Getty.)

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