Right Wing Site Breitbart News Is Tweeting The Lyrics To Taylor Swift’s New Single

So far, the roll out for Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation and its first single “Look What You Made Me Do” has been a wild one. First, there were those snake teasers, which made it clear that her music would directly confront all that drama with Kim and Kanye. Then, there was the fact that “Look What You Made Me Do” was centered in noir revenge fantasy.

Between her album cover evoking The Life Of Pablo vibes, her merch and magazine’s similarity to Kanye’s latest, and the way a clip from this teaser for her “Look What You Made Me Do” video is very similar to Beyonce’s “Formation,” it felt like things were going swiftly (ahem) down hill. Then it got worse.

Today, for whatever reason, Breitbart News joined the host of other brands boosting Taylor’s song on Twitter. The right wing site began tweeting lyrics from her new single along with news stories that the site seemed to think corresponded with her words.

Here’s are some examples of the tweets the account is posting:

As of writing this, the site is still pairing lyrics and news stories, and shows no sign of stopping. It’s a strange connection, but one that will spur more backlash against Taylor from the left, who, as Jason Lipshutz pointed out in a thorough, insightful Billboard piece, was already furious with Taylor for not picking a side politically in the extremely contentious 2016 presidential election. By aligning her new single with their agenda, the right is essentially claiming Taylor as an ally.

As Buzzfeed reports, Pinterest users have sprung up posting quotes of Hitler over photos of Taylor, and vice versa. It goes without saying, but Taylor has never publicly put forth any Nazi or white supremacist ideas, or even as much as said she supports Trump. However, she has been criticized in the past for hanging out with a “squad” that almost exclusively contained other thin white women. So, it remains to be seen whether or not she will respond to the claims being made on her by outside political forces and external narratives, which, it’s worth noting, she never asked to be a part of. In 2017, and in the face of such serious extremes, that fact hardly excuses her keeping silent.