Breitbart Stooge Carries Legacy Of Idiocy On By Ambushing Bono Impersonator

03.22.12 5 Comments

When bombastic right-wing provocateur Andrew Breitbart died suddenly a few weeks ago, his surviving minions promised that his mission — to expose the secret Obama/Hollywood conspiracy to destroy America or something — would not go unfulfilled, that they would carry his gas-powered torch going forward. And they are doing that, hilariously!

Case in point: one of them, Jason Mattera, yesterday unveiled an ambush interview (right-wingers LOVE ambush interviews) he conducted with U2 frontman Bono — an interview he told doofus windbag Sean Hannity he’d procured through classic “basic shoeleather journalism” — over some past tax issues the singer had. However, HAHAHA, there was a slight problem with the interview: the person Mattera ambush interviewed was not Bono. It was a Bono impersonator.

Reports Media Matters:

As part of the promotional rollout for his new book, Hollywood Hypocrites, Jason Mattera yesterday unveiled an ambush interview he conducted with U2 lead singer Bono. Or at least, that’s who Mattera thought he had ambushed.

The video was posted at conservative websites like and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, but was later marked “private” on YouTube and pulled from Why? As explained by The Blaze,”There is widespread discussion on Twitter that the person Mattera interviewed in the videos may have been a Bono impersonator.”

In what is likely the vaguest retraction in recent history, added an editor’s note saying, “Last night, we removed an article about Bono at the request of the videographer who had provided the links to the videos upon which the article had been based.”

Mattera moved furiously to scrub the video of his interview with the person who was clearly not Bono (he wasn’t even speaking with an Irish accent), but of course someone grabbed it before he could pull it down from YouTube…

Additionally, the Washington Post tracked down the Bono impersonator, Pavel Sfera, to get his version of the events…

One of the reasons that Mattera got so little from his interview is that Sfera doesn’t do the whole Bono routine — just the look. “I wasn’t pretending to be Bono,” says Sfera. “I don’t walk around with an accent. I don’t fake people out. . . . I have a very strong, independent life, and I’m comfortable in my own skin,” he continues, noting that he has been playing “Bonodouble” for 11 years.

Sfera says he was “waiting” for Mattera to figure out that he wasn’t really Bono. That moment didn’t come, and Sfera decided not to help his interlocutor. “I let him go,” says Sfera. “I didn’t think he was being legitimate and fair.”

He added, “I think in the end he was trying to find dirt, and I wasn’t there to give it to him. I didn’t speak as Bono for Bono with an Irish accent.” Sfera says he’s a “fan of charitable causes” and admires Bono’s work to “assist in extreme situations for humanity.”

It’s like Breitbart purposely left behind an army of idiot stooges so he could troll us all from the grave.

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