Brian Eno’s Final Email From David Bowie Will Break Your Heart

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The music world is mourning the loss of David Bowie today. But even among the waves of tear-jerking tributes, Brian Eno discussing the final email he received from Bowie is heartbreaking.

“David’s death came as a complete surprise, as did nearly everything about him,” Eno starts. “I feel a huge gap now.”

The frequent Bowie collaborator says that he communicated regularly with Bowie via email, since Bowie lived in New York and Eno lives in London.

He says that they were discussing working on new music together throughout the last year before Eno reveals the email he received seven days ago.

“It was funny as always, and as surreal, looping through word games and allusions and all the usual stuff we did. It ended with this sentence: ‘Thank you for our good times, Brian. they will never rot.’ And it was signed ‘Dawn.’

I realize now that he was saying goodbye.”

As the entire world deals with the loss of an icon, it’s jarring to see how Bowie’s death is affecting people who considered him to be a friend. Famous people are people, after all. And responses like Eno’s help to ground an outsized figure like Bowie as just a person, making his achievements all the more impressive.

Read the entire letter over at the BBC.

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