Queen Guitarist Brian May Is Royally Pissed Off At A Photographer Who Got His Instagram Account Disabled

Getty Image

Brian May is an incredibly busy human being. Outside of his day job as the iconic guitarist and point-man for all things Queen, the dude is literally an astrophysicist, with an actual PhD. That being said, he doesn’t have time for simple, human activities like trying to unlock his social media account. Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what ate up a huge chunk of his day recently, and once he was able to regain use of his Instagram, he used the social media platform to vent his displeasure at the figure responsible for wasting 45-minutes of his morning.

Apparently, May posted a photo to his account without properly crediting the photographer who took the shot. Rather than trying to clear it up with the guitarist or his team, said photographer instead reported the violation to Instagram, who took May’s account down.

“How RUDE!” May noted in a screenshot of the copy infringement warning he received. “I’m usually very careful to credit anyone whose photos I post – but in this case, at the end of the day, I must have forgotten.” After admitting his mistake, May then went after the party responsible, a photographer named Barbara, for reporting him.

“What an incredibly unfriendly act from you, Barbara! You not only took my picture and are evidently exploiting my image, and making money off me without so much as a ‘by your leave’ – but you actually stop me using a picture of myself! What a crazy world we live in these days. All I can say is that if you feel you were ‘violated’, I feel pretty violated myself. To the point where If I ever discover that you are at one of our concerts in future, look out, because, logically, I will be tempted to have you thrown out.”

Note to everyone out there, if you didn’t take the photo you want to share on social media, it’s always good practice to give credit where credit is due. Also, don’t mess with Brian May, because he is apparently ready and very willing to name names.