Bristol Palin Criticizes Miley Cyrus After Her ‘Hilarious Tirade About Tolerance’

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Ex-reality star Bristol Palin takes issue with Paper magazine’s recent feature on Miley Cyrus. This is the same piece that featured Miley posing naked with her pet pig and coming out as bisexual. In the interview, Miley chuckled at how those who believe in Noah’s Ark: “Those people [shouldn’t] get to make our laws. That’s f*cking insane. We’ve outgrown that fairy tale, like we’ve outgrown f*cking Santa and the tooth fairy.”

Them’s fighting words where Bristol comes from. You know how the Palin family rolls, right? Their knock-down, drag-out fights at booze-soaked parties blow the Cyrus family’s hillbilly vibe out of the swamp water. Bristol wants blood, but she settled for venting in a blog entry about Miley’s use of profanity and “hilarious tirade” against Christian beliefs:

Is it just me or does it seem more than a little fake that someone claiming to be accepting of everyone and everything would spew such judgment towards her own parents and their deeply held religious beliefs?

She wants everyone else to let her be “free to be Miley,” but seems unwilling to offer the same respect to her parents and those who wish to live out their Christian faith.

Oh, Miley. Thanks for giving us the best example of what “tolerance” looks like in Hollywood: it looks a lot like contempt

Just FYI, Miley never complained about Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus in the interview. Miley simply noted that she stepped away from the church, which is no secret to anyone.

Also no surprise: Bristol missing the point. Miley isn’t out there lobbying for laws against freedom of religion. Miley’s arguing for rights of marginalized groups whose lives are drastically affected by fundamentalist lawmakers. Bristol appears confused. She believes that those who use their voices to speak out against oppression are the ones who oppress the majority. Yes, it makes no sense. As you were, Bristol.

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