Britney Spears Gets Some Domestic Violence Dished On Her, Then Sexed Well In Video For ‘Criminal’


I try to avoid all things Britney Spears. Honestly, I do. But it’s hard. Very hard. Being from Louisiana I’d say that just about every female I know under the age of 40 is batsh*t for Brit-Brit. If she plays a show in New Orleans every girl in town goes to it and many others who are from the city but live elsewhere fly home to see it. It’s sort of bizarre, but through everything they still love one of the state’s most famous daughters. I suppose there’s some admirable about that.

So I couldn’t help but notice a lot of chatter this morning in my Facebook feed about her new video for “Criminal,” so I checked it out and WHOA!!!

As Britney and her abusive beau make their way out of the party, with him yelling at her for standing up for herself as he flirted with other girls, they come across Britney’s real-life boyfriend, Jason Trawick, who is playing one really hot bad guy with a heart of gold. The boyfriend slaps Britney, and Jason comes to her rescue, setting into motion their very hot — and very naked — love affair.

He takes her back to his place, where a headline reveals he’s — you guessed it — a criminal. But Britney doesn’t seem to mind. She kisses him. He kisses her. They get it on, showing lots of skin and giving fans a sneak peek into their personal life.

They then head to a convenience store, where Britney decides to break loose and hold the place up, guns blazing. After the stickup, the pair steal a car and head back to Jason’s loft for a very revealing shower scene that includes lingering shots on their wet, naked bodies.

As they wrap up the steamy shower session, the authorities close in on them, blasting bullets into the apartment. But Britney and Jason just continue to share passionate kisses as bullets soar around them John Woo-style.


(HT: The Hairpin)

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