Britney Spears And Her Whole Dance Troupe Froze For A Celebratory Mannequin Challenge

Contributing Writer

The Mannequin Challenge isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And why would it? Who can resist the urge to do nothing really, really well? The latest superstar to jump on the world’s stiffest bandwagon is Britney Spears, who froze in place with the entire dance troupe from her Las Vegas residency as a way to celebrate winning the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s Best Resident Performer award.

As should be expected from a professional dance troupe, their form was perfect. But we have to take off points for not using “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. I mean, “Slumber Party” off of this year’s Glory absolutely bangs, but if Sir Paul doesn’t feel the need to reach into the catalog for his challenge, then neither should Britney.

The challenge and its typical soundtrack has been spotted everywhere from college locker rooms to the campaign airplane of Hillary Clinton. Its pull was enough to get Destiny’s Child back together and maybe make you like LeBron James. The viral fame from the social media trend was enough to give the Brothers Sremm and Gucci Mane their first Top 10 hit ever — which seems insane to anyone who has been listening to rap for the last decade, but is factually correct.

So even if she didn’t quite spread the love, we appreciate anyone who is keeping the dream of Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi alive.

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