Britney Spears Fans Have Started A Petition To Get The Original ‘Make Me’ Video Released

Britney Spears is about to release her ninth album, Glory, and recently released the music video for her first single from the album, “Make Me,” featuring G-Eazy. While Spears’ teenybopper sexpot days when she ruled MTV are long gone, she still has some very devoted fans. In fact, they are so devoted, they have started a petition to get the original music video for “Make Me” released.

The petition, which is on states that the video for “Make Me” that was released “is not a suitable representation of the song” and so they are calling for RCA to release the original video which was directed by David LaChappelle. The original video was much more sexual, featuring a lot of skin from men and women, and a sex scene between Spears and G-Eazy.

The same person who started the “Make Me” petition also started one to get RCA to change the album cover for Glory. According to the guy who started this petition, the cover for Glory is, yes, “not a suitable representation” of Spears’ music. The cover is just Spears’ face.

It starts to feel like the person who started these petitions is just annoyed that Spears’ video and album cover aren’t sexual enough, which gets into a weird territory that may be less about caring about Spears’ vision for her music and wanting to see her doing sexy stuff. Regardless, the petition to get the original “Make Me” video released is getting a fair amount of traction. Maybe we will get an official release of it at some point. That will make some of Spears’ fan quite happy, for whatever specific reasons they have.

(Via Idolator)