Did Britney Spears Photoshop This Snapshot Showing Off Her New Bikini Body?

2001 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
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Britney Spears is riding high these days thanks to her Las Vegas residency and the swing of nostalgia that is taking us back to the late ’90s and early 2000s. If the Backstreet Boys are getting a chance to fight zombies on SyFy, Spears deserves a little spotlight and a little fun. None of them had a very public, head shaving meltdown unless you count ‘Ice T.’

But that tiny resurgence doesn’t mean she’s bulletproof from the criticisms of the Internet. Take this photo for example, where the pop queen shows off her new bikini body — something you need when you’re putting a slate of shows for a very bored Las Vegas audience. Gotta keep them interested. And this photo is trying to showcase her efforts. See if you can spot the issue:

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Right there at her waist, things get a little odd. The sidewalk disappears and it seems that water shows up instead. It prompts some of the folks to call out claims that she Photoshopped the image. According to Entertainment Tonight, they didn’t hesitate:

“Photoshop at its worst. You have a great body Britney, you don’ t need that,” another commented. “The gap in your back should be stone, not water. Bad photoshop,” a third social media user wrote.

You can check out a few more hanging out on the image post itself, including one very fanciful French comment.

Now the evidence supporting the authenticity of her photo comes from two weeks ago when Spears was wearing the same bikini. Nothing is Photoshopped about the video, unless Spears is nothing but a fictional construct of society and she changes shape at will. This would be frightening.

It’s up to you people, though. Did she Photoshop the image or are people just thinking too hard about a Britney Spears photograph? The latter seems to be an easier choice.

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(Via Entertainment Tonight / Britney Spears)