Britney Spears Gives A ‘Private Show’ On Her New Single

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Despite the trials and travails that Britney Spears has undergone since she first implored us to hit her, baby, one more time, she keeps on keeping on with her music career. Spears’ ninth album, Glory, will be released via Apple Music on August 26. One single, “Make Me” featuring G-Eazy, has already dropped, and now Spears has unveiled her second single from the album, entitled “Private Show.”

Some of you may have already heard a snippet of “Private Show,” as it was used in a commercial for Spears’ fragrance of the same name. Now, whether or not “Private Show” is a good name for a perfume is an argument for another day. What about the song that shares its name? Rolling Stone used the word “slinky” twice to describe it, and while coming up with a synonym would be very manageable, slinky is a fun word, so we’ll use it as well. The song, like so many of Spears’ songs, is about her addressing her lover. When she was younger, this would often be done in romantic ways via a soft ballad. Spears is in a different place now, a place where she promises a private show for her lover.

While it feels a little odd to hear Spears coo about how she is going to twerk it, not so much because she is 34 but because she’s been doing this for so long it feels out of place coming out of her mouth, she does manage to use the word “immaculate” in a song, which is never a bad thing. Whether you like her new music or not, Spears is unsinkable.

(Via Rolling Stone)