Bro From Foster The People Kicked Out Of Prince Show For Using His Cell Phone

So last night in LA Prince played an exclusive show for 100 people. Going in, the legendary musician with had one simple rule: don’t use cell phones. As one of the bros from Foster the People discovered, you do not mess with Prince and his rules.

Reports TMZ:

Prince DOES NOT mess around when it comes to cell phones at his private shows … and had the lead singer of Foster the People KICKED OUT last night when he violated the rule.

TMZ was shooting footage when Mark Foster — the guy who sings the annoyingly overplayed “Pumped Up Kicks” song — was escorted out of The Sayers Club when someone saw him tooling around on his iPhone.

Foster begged and pleaded with security to let him back inside — using every tactic in the book:

— I have a tab at the bar I didn’t close!
— I promise I wasn’t taking a picture, check my phone!
— I’m a musician, I understand … I won’t do it again.

… and of course, “I’m Mark Foster … from Foster the People.”


Coincidentally, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine told a story on Letterman last night about jamming with Prince one night at his house. Naturally, it ends with Prince making pancakes for everyone at 6am.

(Via Consequence of Sound)