Brockhampton Tells Nardwuar That Dr. Dre ‘Did A Lot For The LGBT Community In Hip-Hop’

Brockhampton is blowing up, and there’s no better evidence of that fact than an interview with Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada’s own Nardwuar. During a recent interview with the 14-man band, Nardwuar consistently blew its members’ minds with his usual wealth of deep cut anecdotes and personalized gifts, drawing some exuberant reactions and unusual insights from Kevin Abstract, Ameer Van, and the rest.

One of those insights came from Kevin upon receipt of a World Class Wreckin’ Cru vinyl. When Nardwuar asks about the significance of the early-era Dr. Dre record for the young bandleader, Kevin offers that the world-famous Compton producer was an icon not just for his musical acumen but for providing himself a personal style icon. “This was before NWA and he was dressing like a wild man. This did a lot for the LGBT community in hip-hop,” he explains, referencing the disco-influenced butterfly collar shirts and sparkly suits the good doctor flossed around that time (it was the ’80s, after all).

Other members were blown away by Nardwuar’s knowledge of unique childhood landmarks like local record shops and liquor stores, while Merlyn Wood was so befuddled by one deep catalog reference he had to call for a lifeline from HK. All in all, it’s a great, insightful look into one of the fastest-rising groups in hip-hop and their surprising inspirations.

Brockhampton is currently on their Love Your Parents tour and will be touring Europe in August, with a new album due later this year.