Electro-Pop Duo Broods Share A Beautifully Broken New Song, ‘Falling Apart’

New Zealand electro-pop duo Broods have released another song off their highly anticipated new album, Don’t Feed The Pop Monster. “Falling Apart” is gorgeous, twinklingly layered electro-pop, with Georgia and Caleb Nott expressing their concern over a world turning upside down, a “hole in the ceiling,” and a bad, broken feeling that won’t go away. They use occasional autotune to great effect on the song, making Georgia’s usually airy voice sound unsettled and otherworldly as she expresses her confusion and frustration with the world.

If the feeling described in “Falling Apart” sounds familiar, it’s because the duo wrote it in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election. Georgia says of the song, “We wrote this song after the election a couple of years ago. Being in the thick of it in LA, we saw how divided the country was. People felt so estranged from one another. It felt like the echo chamber shattered and to a lot of people we knew, everything was falling apart.”

Broods’ third studio album, Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, is due out February 1 via Neon Gold/Atlantic Records. Pre-order it here, and check out dates for the group’s upcoming North American tour here.

You can listen to “Falling Apart” above.

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