New Zealand Pop Duo Broods’ New Single ‘Hospitalized’ Is Infectious, Bass-Driven Pop Perfection

New Zealand pop duo Broods has shared another single from their upcoming album, Don’t Feed The Pop Monster. “Hospitalized” is funky, sparkling synth-pop, and one of Broods’ most compelling singles to date.

On “Hospitalized,” singer Georgia Nott longs for a break from all the noise. Physical pain would be a welcome distraction from constant emotional hurt, and medically mandated rest would give Nott an excuse to take care of herself. (Gotta love late capitalism.) Nott sings the fast, tongue-twister lyrics with desperation: “Cause I feel like I’m broken but I never got a reason / So I’m gonna jump, I’m gonna push myself until I get hospitalized.”

Nott shared some details about the inspiration for the song in press materials. “We were all talking about who had broken a bone, and I was saying how I’d never broken anything but kind of wanted to, just to see how it feels. That turned into this idea of wanting to get hurt so you can have something to blame your self-pity on. Like, ‘I’m sad—but I’ve got a reason, I promise!’,” Nott said.

Broods’ new album, Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, is due out on February 1 via Neon Gold/Atlantic Records (you can pre-order it here). Listen to “Hospitalized” above, and check out Broods’ upcoming US tour dates here.