A Brooklyn Community Board Won’t Name A Street After The Notorious B.I.G. Because He Was Too Fat

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10.17.13 6 Comments

The dream of living on Christopher Wallace Way is as dead as…well, y’know. Last month, we told you about the petition to have a street named after the Notorious B.I.G. in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, where Biggie grew up, and how you should sign it, because obviously. Unfortunately, during a community board meeting on Tuesday night, the request was shot down. It’s an everyday struggle for people who want streets named after dead rappers.

CB2 committee member Lucy Koteen said she “looked up the rapper’s history” and read what she had learned to the full board Tuesday night.

“He started selling drugs at 12, he was a school dropout at 17, he was arrested for drugs and weapons charge, he was arrested for parole violations, he was arrested in North Carolina for crack cocaine, in 1996 he was again arrested for assault, he had a violent death, and physically the man is not exactly a role model for youth,” she said. “I don’t see how this guy was a role model and frankly it offends me.” (Via)

“Looked up the rapper’s history” = browsed Wikipedia. Knew I should’ve slipped in that “Biggie jumped into a lake to save a box of drowning kittens for sure death” edit when I had the chance.

(via Getty Image, via DNAinfo)

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