Bruce Springsteen Dabbed At A Concert

Bruce Springsteen never rests. He’s one of the most accomplished, beloved musicians of all time and a man of the people. He keeps making new music, even if he could get by on just playing the hits. Despite all this and all the good feelings The Boss has engendered, it still feels a little weird to watch him dab at a concert.

Yes, Bruce Springsteen himself, a 66-year-old man who released his first album in 1973, just dabbed, the most popular dance move of 2015, at a concert. The video is there for your edification, if you want to have everything you’ve ever believed in either torn apart or eternally validated.

The situation occurred during a performance of “Dancing in the Dark.” This is fitting, of course, because in the music video for said song, Springsteen famously danced (in the dark) with a young Courtney Cox, birthing what would eventually become “The Carlton Dance” from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Presumably because of this fact, Springsteen invited a girl onto the stage, who was representing the United States of America, to dance with him. They did all sorts of dance moves, including, yes, dabbing.

Obviously, there is something inherently uncanny about seeing Springsteen dab, but he was having fun, and the girl was having fun, so how can we be too torn up about this? Plus, now we can say Springsteen was “Dabbing in the Dark.” Here are some other Springsteen “dab” puns, to entertain and illuminate your friends and coworkers:

“Glory Dabs”

“Born to Dab”


“Dab It All Night”

“Dab in the U.S.A.”

And, if you want to be negative about things, you can just dismiss Springsteen as being “dab rock.”

(Via Consequence of Sound)