Bruce Springsteen Revealed That He’s Working On A New Solo Album

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Bruce Springsteen is 66, but he’s not slowing down. In addition to showing up at your random bar show, recently he was interviewed on SiriusXM’s E Street Radio to share his plans for the future. What does the Boss have on the docket? Oh, just a couple of tours and a new album.

First, Bruce and the E Street Band will be touring behind the reissue of his classic album The River. That’s exciting enough, but that’s not the end of it for the consistently prolific Springsteen. After the tour behind The River is done, he’s going to work on a new album he is calling “more of a solo project.” Springsteen has occasionally stepped away from his iconic backing band, such as on his 2015 album Devils & Dust. Apparently every decade or so he likes to stretch his wings. Then, of course, he’s going to tour behind this new album.

Springsteen noted that his plans for a solo album was part of the impetus for the tour behind the The River reissue.

“We made the box set and there was no plan to tour. Then we felt, ‘Maybe we should do a show just to raise the flag and have some fun and make it a little more exciting.’ I said. ‘Okay, maybe we’ll do a show in New York.’ Then that went quick to, ‘Maybe we should do a couple of shows.’ Then it turns into, ‘Maybe we should do a small series of shows, basically one-nighters, with maybe a little bit around the country.”

So, naturally, this little thing turned into a 24-stop tour. While the tour is being done behind The River, Springsteen also noted that “we’ll make up for some of that in the encores.” Considering who we are talking about here, expect hours upon hours of encores going long into the night. As for the new album, because Springsteen is recording away from the E Street Band, expect something a little more pared down and quiet. There are always a few solid tracks on his new albums, so all you Springsteen lovers are already probably flipping out about 2016.

(Via Consequences of Sound)