Bruce Springsteen’s ‘On Broadway’ Netflix Special Trailer Teases A Truly Touching Performance

Bruce Springsteen’s legendary career has been filled with tons of accolades and highlights, and the latest of them is his Broadway show Springsteen On Broadway, which proves that Springsteen is still capable of evolution and innovation. It was revealed a few months ago that the show would be released as a Netflix special on December 16, and now that special has a trailer.

The two-and-a-half-minute video shows snippets of the performance, most of which are just Springsteen on stage either singing or talking about different parts of his life. For example, he says of his father, “When I was a young man and looking for a voice to tell my stories, well, I chose my father’s voice. My father was my hero, and my greatest foe.” He ends the trailer by saying, “Everybody has a love/hate relationship with their hometown. Take me: I’m Mr. ‘Born To Run’… I currently live ten minutes from my hometown.”

Our own Steven Hyden wrote of the show in his review:

“The show works like this: Bruce stands on stage for two hours, mostly alone — save for a stunning two-song cameo by his wife, Patti Scialfa — and performs 15 tracks from throughout his 45-year recording career on guitar and piano. And he also talks about the things that inform those songs: His father, his mother, rock and roll, Jersey, The Big Man, fame, social justice, transcendence, America. Is it a concert? A play? Performance art? Whatever you call it, Springsteen On Broadway is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.”

Watch the Springsteen On Broadway trailer above.