Bruce Springsteen Shows Why He’s The Boss By Writing This Kid’s Excuse Note

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Bruce Springsteen is known for his long concerts, sometimes hitting the 4 hour mark easily. So taking a kid to go see a Springsteen concert on a school night is likely not a good idea. Still, parents are getting away with it and their kids are becoming possible truants unless the folks at the school want to buy their cockamamie Bruce Springsteen stories.

Nine-year-old Xabi Glovsky and his father Scott were apparently in the audience at Springsteen’s show on Tuesday and needed some help. So to ensure the excuse, they went holding a sign that read, “Bruce, I will be late to school tomorrow. Please sign my note :),” according to Mashable. The Boss obviously caught a look and invited the pair backstage:

Good for the kid, but Ms. Jackson isn’t a Springsteen fan. She’s more of a Billy Joel kinda gal, so expect a pop quiz and possibly a doo wop song.

This would easily fit in with Ben Stiller’s Legends of Springsteen from The Ben Stiller Show. It might not feature the Gettysburg Address or space aliens, but it’s on the list. It’s better than leaving the concert and ending up in some bar to play two more hours in front of a group of people who have lost the will to live. That might sound harsh, but it’s coming from a place of concern. Get help, Uncle Lou.

(Via Mashable / Scott Glovsky)