Bryan Cranston Broke Out His Walter White Persona Onstage At The EDC Festival

After the end of Breaking Bad, viewers wondered whether the show’s cast would ever escape typecasting, especially since Bryan Cranston‘s iconic Walter White image still runs far and wide. Will he forever endure his character’s meth-dealing, anti-hero image?

Cranston seems to be just fine with the show’s enduring associations. He made an impromptu appearance at this weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Cranston hopped onstage to introduce Above & Beyond’s “Walter White” song. Thousands of excited festival goers watched as Cranston barked his famous “Say my name” catchphrase before pushing the button. Then he danced like his life depended on it.

Cranston enjoyed his time at the EDC festival far too much, as he’s 59-years young but living every moment of it. He later tweeted his view from above the crowd:

Later on, Above & Beyond posted a photo from the stage with Cranston, calling him “The one who Pushes The Button”:

(via Mashable)