BTS Go Full Meme By Doing ‘Fortnite’ Dances With Jimmy Fallon On ‘The Tonight Show’

Over the past few years, BTS has become the biggest band on the world — ask their 16.5 million Twitter followers for proof of that — so when they were guests on The Tonight Show yesterday, you better believe that Jimmy Fallon milked their presence for all it was worth. Most notably, he decided to merge the South Korean boy band with another huge pop culture phenomenon by having them re-create the famous dances from Fortnite in a pre-taped segment.

They also performed a couple songs, “Idol” and “I’m Fine,” bringing their flashy outfits, tight choreography, and, most importantly, infectious and catchy pop music to the Tonight Show stage. Their impact on the broadcast didn’t stop there, as they also sat down for an interview with Fallon. They talked about speaking at the United Nations while in New York City, their favorite things about the city, and expressed a desire to go to the Grammys, all while the fans in the audience screamed with glee every few seconds.Throughout everything, BTS proved that their massive popularity is no joke, as the crowd was consistently one of the loudest Tonight Show audiences in recent memory.

Watch BTS on The Tonight Show above, and read our review of their recent Staples Center concert here.