Bully Continue Their Music Video Experimentation With An Animated Clip For ‘Focused’

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Although Bully’s sound is rooted in the nostalgic and warm vibes of ’90s punk and alternative rock, but the band has gotten really experimental and tried a lot of different things with their slew of music videos in support of the album. The video for “Running” is a stylistic tribute to the era that inspired it, while their “Feel The Same” clip features food and flowers getting vibrantly destroyed. Now the band is back with a new video for “Focused,” and it features a series of vibrant animation vignettes.

Director Rozalina Burkova says the video is “loosely based on the theme of coming of age and the ups and downs friendships and relationships,” and the band’s Alicia Bognanno adds, “I let Rozalina take the reins on this one. I am a huge fan of all her animation work and wanted her to do what she felt was best for this video.”

Watch the video above, and Bully’s US tour kicks off this month, so check out their upcoming dates below. Also, revisit our interview with the Bognanno here.

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