Bully Distracts Themselves From Their Emotions In Their 90s-Styled ‘Running’ Video

12.13.17 1 year ago

We reckon that Bully’s Losing is one of the best rock albums of the year, and the band has matched the quality of the album with its aesthetic-driven videos. They shared a colorful and destructive clip for “Feels The Same” last month, and now they’re back with a ’90s-influenced video for “Running”

Press materials say that the video, which was shot in Nashville and directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, “explores how we run away from our feelings and how the media portrays millennials and youth. This lines up with what the band’s Alicia Bognanno previously said of the song: “Overall, ‘Running’ is about shamelessly keeping yourself distracted or making up excuses to avoid processing certain emotions.”

The video certainly shows people occupying themselves with various pursuits that feel particularly ’90s, like skateboarding through graveyards, hanging out on stoops, and performing on a front lawn with at least one pink plastic flamingo on hand. There’s also a strong use of color to convey different visual aesthetics, like the shots that are all in vibrant purple, or the washed out and grainy footage that looks like a vintage home video.

Read our interview with Bully’s Alicia Bognanno here, and see where Losing places on our list of 2017’s best rock albums here.

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