Busta Rhymes Wants A Cheeseburger And He Wants One Now, DAMMIT!

04.03.13 7 Comments

Look, we’ve all been there. It’s late. You’ve been boozing for hours. You’re hungry. Your body is craving a big, greasy cheeseburger like Badger from Breaking Bad craves ice. You’d do anything for a burger at that point, right?

Well, Busta Rhymes loves a good late night cheeseburger just like you and me, so much so that he’s willing to risk arrest for one, apparently, not to mention verbally degrading the people serving him the burger.

Stephanie Vitori, owner of Cheeseburger Baby in South Beach, can certainly attest to this

According to Vitori, Busta busted into the restaurant close to 6 a.m. and demanded to cut the line to get his food faster. When the restaurant refused, he threw a tantrum, calling one employee a “fag” and Vitori a “bitch,” and later threatening to “come get [them].”

“We have had everyone from Jay-Z to Anthony Bourdain eat at Cheeseburger Baby,” Vitori says. “Never have we had a problem with a celebrity. That changed last night.”

When Busta rolled into Cheeseburger Baby, Vitori says, it was 5:45 a.m., a time that’s typically busy for the restaurant, as servers are slinging burgers to partiers on their way home from clubs. Busta wanted to be served first, and the restaurant refused.

“He got very upset when we wouldn’t take his order first when he was the last one to come in. We treat everyone as equals here at CBB. You can’t skip the line of ten people waiting in front of you,” Vitori explains.

Instead, he returned to his car to wait for his order. But after his food was delivered to him in the car, Vitori says, “He came back in the restaurant and started becoming outwardly angry. He was calling our delivery driver Santiago a ‘fag’ multiple times, and me a ‘bitch’ and [telling] me ‘to shut the fuck up’ because we put his salt, pepper, ketchup, and mayo — that he asked for — on the side.

“On the side is just how we do it,” she explains. “We don’t want your burger getting soggy!”

But Busta wasn’t having any of it, Vitori says. “He caused such a scene I was forced to call the cops on him. This is when he exited the restaurant.”

Busta’s freakout didn’t end there, though. “Top it all off, a few minutes later he called us to let us know there was no cheese on his burger, which was untrue, and that he was going to ‘come get us,'” Vitori says.

Damn, Busta! Can’t say that I’ve ever been THAT mad over a late night cheeseburger. But I did flip a lawn chair once after getting home to find that the Taco Bell drive-thru crew shorted me a Meximelt one time. Always check the bag before you drive away, kids!

(Via Gawker. Pic via Shutterstock)

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